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The CERINO games have been designed, having in mind the educational needs of children ages 4-7. The games aim to provide children with some basic knowledge on healthy eating and help them adopt a more healthier eating culture. The games use as an example the pyramid of the Mediterranean diet, which is taught to children in pre-primary and primary education. We have divided the pyramid into four levels to help children learn the frequency, at which they should eat each type of food. The pyramid consists of the following four colors starting from the base: Yellow, Green, Blue and Red.


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Pop it


In Pop It, the player goes through three levels of popping color-coded balloons that show food items on top of them. Each color corresponds to the appropriate layer in the food pyramid, as can be seen in the app home screen and inside the game, on the game character itself.

Hit it


In Hit it, the player goes through four levels of going through color-coded gates that show food items on them. The color coding is the same as in Pop it.



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