In Pop It, the player goes through three levels of popping color-coded balloons that show food items on top of them. Each color corresponds to the appropriate layer in the food pyramid, as can be seen in the app home screen and inside the game,on the game character itself.

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For the first two levels, the objective is to pop 10 balloons for each round. As soon as a balloon appears it starts moving up and the player has some time to pop it by tapping it. If the player fails to do so, the game ends and there is a restart option. If the player successfully pops the balloon, an educational message is played in audio form, which reads out loud the name of the depicted food and the frequency that it should be consumed at based on the food pyramid. After that, a new balloon is shown and the cycle continues. When 10 balloons are popped, the player has the option to move to the next level.

Level 2 has the same objective as Level 1, but the balloons are faster in their upwards movement.

Level 3 is significantly different because of its different game flow. Each turn of the game, 4 balloons (one for each food pyramid group) appear in random ordering, each one showing a relevant food item, and an audio message is played that asks the player which balloon corresponds to the designated target food group. For example, the message asks “What do we eat every day?”, and the player has to select the yellow balloon, because it corresponds to food items we can eat every day. The four balloons ascend the screen and have to be clicked before they reach the top. If the player correctly selects a balloon, he/she gets a point and 4 more balloons are generated. If the player does not hit the right balloon or the balloons reach the top, it is game over and the player can restart the level. &nbrk Finally, if the player completes Level 3, the game ends successfully.

Note that each time the player selects the correct balloon, the name of the food item is played on audio.

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