In Hit it, the player goes through four levels of going through color-coded gates that show food items on them. The color coding is the same as in Pop it.

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In each level, 4 colored gates appear on the road and the player controls a car that is driving toward them. An audio message is played at the start of each level that tells the player what food items to pick for the level, i.e. food items for everyday consumption (yellow). (The audio will replace the text bar over the gates, which can be seen in the screenshots.) The player drags the vehicle to the gate of his/her selection and if the selection is correct, the car passes through, with a new set of gates appearing, else it crashes and the game ends with a restart option.

For each 10 successful selections, the level changes and a new food group is selected as target.

After 4 completed levels, each one for a food pyramid group, the game ends successfully.

Also note that each time the player selects the correct balloon, the name of the food item is played on audio.

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